About Us

Used Miata Parts Online started out as a way to provide family and close friends with a supply of used parts for their personal Miatas. At the time the four

households had eight total Miatas ranging from 1991-2001. Over time met many local Miata owners with a need for quality used Miata parts to keep their

cherished Roadster in tip top cruising condition. Now our family owned business serves Miata owners all over the world.

We at Used Miata Parts Online know your Miata is more than a basic mode of transportation that gets you from point A to point B. It's a top down wind in your

hair fun machine, a weekend racer and a family member!

When you purchase parts for your Miata from us, we make sure your parts leave inspected and trouble-free. If we would not put a part on our Miatas, then we

do not sell it!

You cherish your Miata, so it’s important your Miata receives quality replacement parts from friendly, knowledgeable staff.